Mother’s Day Collection 2022

Mother’s Day Collection 2022

I have been hard at work, spending time doing what I love. What sets my heart on fire and makes my soul sing - playing with my creative talents and *making*.

I’ve created a body of work, while spending time with flowers and the plants I love and I hope I can bring this joy to you as you gaze upon the world as I see it, in my art.

The birds are singing and the blossoms are popping out here, in New England (finally!). Nature is awakening and you can almost hear her beginning to hum a tune that speaks to our spirits. Life is so beautiful, and we are so lucky to be able to witness and even immerse ourselves in this daily. The quiet minute as you drink your tea/coffee. The connection with the bird outside as you make eye contact. The first bumblebee that pauses just an extra moment near you, to bring your attention into the sweet spring moment.

My Mother’s Day collection will be releasing at 10am on Thursday, April 28th. Sign up for my email list if you’d like a reminder!

Wishing you a spring that fills your soul with life and beauty. 

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